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What we do

We are a local home based, family run shop. We have 40 years collective experience and we will effortlessly and efficiently solve any problems you have with a PC, laptop or Mac. Whether it is a computer service or simply setting up your email, we are here to help you! Our usual services include:

PC & Mac repair
Hardware upgrades
Software troubleshooting
Laptop screen replacement
Computer servicing
Computer networking
Computer set-up
Data recovery
Email set-up
Hardware repair
Hardware install
Printer trouble shooting
Printer set-up
Software set-up and install
Virus removal
Spyware removal
Wireless networking

Apple Services

Hardware upgrades
Hardware and software service.
Hard Drive replacement
Data Recovery
HDD Data cable replacement
RAM replacement
Software and OS upgrade
LCD Screen replacement
LCD cover glass replacement

Laptop Services

Laptop LCD replacement
Laptop memory upgrades
Laptop hard drive upgrades
Hardware and software service.
Data Recovery
Keyboard replacement
Software upgrade
Chargers Laptop

We can provide the best possible solution

We love what we do. We don’t just specialize in computers, we are PC and Mac enthusiasts. We make sure we stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies so that we can propose the best solutions for you!





Our testimonials don't lie!

For over two decades we have been dedicated to honest and reliable customer support.

What our customers say

  • Wonderful service from PC Mac. A lovely young lass was so helpful and kind to a rather techno challenged older lady (me). I'm thrilled to now be able to talk to my son, who lives in the UK, on Skype.
  • Yes and Yes, Got a new graphics card today. They brought it to my house, put it in super quick and its working like a dream. Best part is it was done for the best price around. Nice work PC MAC!!
  • Top notch & friendly service & advice from PC Mac!
  • Rockstar PC Mac - saved the day for me and my laptops, so appreciate!